The A2 goes from Sailly-Saillisel (near Péronne) to the Belgian border (at a point near Valenciennes).


The junction numbers on the A2 carry on from those on the A1.

Toll section at beginning.
  • Junction with A1: A1.
  • Junction with A26: A26.
  • Junction 14: N30, Cambrai.
  • Junction 15: N30, Hordain.
End of toll section.
  • Junction 15.1: Lieu-Saint-Amand, Bouchain.
  • Junction 16: N30, Neuville-sur-Escaut.
  • Junction 17: N455, Douchy-les-Mines.
  • Junction 18: Denain, Haulchin.
  • Junction 19: N30, Valenciennes Aerodrome.
  • Junction 20: N30, Wavrechain-sous-Denain, Valenciennes Aerodrome.
  • Junction 12 (A23): A23.
  • Junction 21: Valenciennes.
  • Junction 22: N49, Marly.
  • Junction 23: Saultain, Estreux.
  • Junction 24: Onnaing, Quarouble.
  • Junction 25: Vicq.
  • Junction 26: Crespin, Saint-Aybert, Hensies (Belgium).
Continues into Belgium as A7.

Nearby placesEdit

  • Cambrai.
  • Denain.
  • Valenciennes.

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